Meet Keith Henry

Hi, I’m Keith Henry


Keith Henry’s wife is a native of the South Acres Community in Texas City, while he is a native of Galveston, Texas. Sometime after Keith began residing in Texas City on Nightingale, where his grandmother was one of the first African- American homeowners, he later met his wife. Keith and his wife have three beautiful children.

Mr. Henry and his twin brother grew up in public housing with a mother who worked multiple jobs to provide for them. Kevin (Keith’s twin) and his wife Pauletta and their daughter currently reside in the Greater Houston metroplex.


Mr. Henry has worked at every level of government, in addition to having nonprofit experience. He has been published in over four publications, obtained a Masters of Public Administration from Texas Southern University, a Bachelor of Arts & Letters in English/Minor in Journalism from the State University of New York College at Buffalo State College, (Buffalo, NY). Notably, while attending Buffalo State, Commissioner Henry was an All-conference and All-Academic track athlete. 

  • American Society for Public Administrators and Toastmasters, Inc. | Since 2010
  • Conference of Minority Public Administrators. |  Since 2010
  • Galveston County 40 Under 40 Honoree | 2020
  • National Association of the Advancement of Colored People | Since 2017
  • National Education Association | Since 2019
  • Texas State Teachers Association | Since 2019
  • City of Texas City (TX) District 1 Commissioner | Elected 2020
  • National Honor Society Faculty Advisor | Appointed 2020
  • Texas Municipal League | Since 2020
  • Texas Black Democrats 40 under 40 Honoree | 2021

Career Highlight

Keith Henry is the only candidate in the district 23 race with fiduciary experience at all levels of government. While at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Mr. Henry managed a $50 million federal funds portfolio. Correspondingly, at TCEQ, Mr. Henry created a fiscally salient plan to ensure all employees under his purview kept their jobs during the recession. During my tenure at the City of Austin, Mr. Henry managed a $20 million workforce development initiative that augmented economic growth throughout the Austin area by providing individuals with equitable access to livable wage jobs and health care. More notable, Mr. Henry was the contract manager for the first African American health clinic in historic east Austin, providing essential access to health care to underserved constituents. Moreover, as a Texas City Commissioner of District 1, the Commission’s members managed a $172.4 million dollar budget surplus. Additionally, the Commission reduced property and sales tax to historically low levels. Additionally, the Texas City, City Commission dedicated Federal Funds to constituents for home improvements and increased the police and fire budget by adding more first responders to the city’s payroll. Furthermore, we dedicated funding from the Texas General Land Office to essential infrastructure and mitigation projects, and markedly, the projects mentioned were all adopted at no additional tax burden to our citizens. Moreover, we are fortunate to have an excellent employment rate on the coast. As globally, the Greater Houston region is the 23rd wealthiest economy. Notably, the industries most responsible for our economic prowess are our leading world-class ports, eminent refineries, and renowned medical research centers. Specific to District 23, the port of Texas City petrochemical complex boasts an annual economic impact of $16.2billion (about $50 per person in the US). Additionally, the port of Galveston provides an annual economic impact of $2.3billion (about $7 per person in the US). While statewide, the University of Texas Medical Branches’ (UTMB) the yearly economic impact is $3.3 billion. Correspondingly, our coastal economy is the fiscal lifeblood of our state, and our citizens and economy must be protected. Therefore, ensuring prudent allocation of the congressional approved $31billion Ike Dike Project to Galveston and Chambers County is essential to our economy.


At a state level, I will champion robust infrastructure projects by forcing down high energy costs, beginning with improving the state’s electric grid. The failures of ERCOT have significantly increased energy prices for Texas consumers. Unacceptable, In the energy capital of the world, for Texas to have an inadequate power grid. Additionally, the state’s current executive administration has created an affordability crisis due to high property taxes. I plan to write or sponsor legislation that implements fixed rates from the taxing jurisdictions by performing a 5-year historical analysis and gives more authority to citizens at the local level to have input on their tax rates.

Equality Meets Opportunity

Keith Henry has spent most of his career fighting for justice and cultivating equitable opportunities for the most vulnerable among us by developing an estimated $200 million in public funding projects.

Mr. Henry understands the lack of women in leadership, the essential need for criminal justice reform, community revitalization, youth development, and ensuring a robust workforce.

While in office, Mr. Henry worked arduously to ensure he implements these initiatives.