Women's Rights (Response to the Dobb's Decision)

The recent 6-3 supreme court decision effectively overturns nearly 50 years of landmark legislation in Roe v. Wade. While there must be a respect for rule of law, this decision will have an immediate and adverse impact on historic legal precedent relative to the civil rights of women .Moreover, there should be revisions to senate bill 8, the “Texas “trigger” statute. I would propose that the physician’s penalty be eliminated and that abortions should be at the doctor’s professional opinion to mitigate any potential health risk. Additionally, prospective patients within a reasonable and timely manner should be afforded the right to seek second opinions from a board-certified medical practitioner. Notwithstanding, IVF embryos should be excluded from any trigger laws as embryos have the possibility of being abnormal. On balance, I would ardently support a constitutional ballot amendment which explicitly places the decision to protect the rights of women in the hands of Texans. Adhering to our citizens constitutional right to decide one of our countries and our great states, the most prevalent issue is the very premise of democracy as over 78% of Texas support a Woman’s right to choose.

Tax Appraisal Reform


Each district’s board of directors are elected by local officials as opposed to citizens. Arguably, there is a potential lack of oversight and transparency. By allowing local officials to choose the ARB, it disenfranchises smaller taxing entities (e.g., cities & school districts) Excluding the taxpayer from the process.


Eradicate the board of directors and grant more authority to the locally elected Tax Assessor-Collector to be held responsible for the increasing property tax burden. Moreover, implement fixed rates from the taxing jurisdictions by performing a 5-year historical analysis 

Protecting the Coastal Spine (Flood Mitigation)

Globally, the Greater Houston region is the 23rd wealthiest economy, Notably, the industries most responsible for our economic prowess are our world class leading ports, our eminent refineries and our renowned medical research centers. Specific to District 23, the port of Texas City petrochemical complex boasts an annual economic impact of $16.2billion dollars. Additionally, the port of Galveston provides an annual economic impact of $2.3billion. While statewide the University of Texas Medical Branches’ (UTMB)) annual economic impact is $3.3 billion dollars. Correspondingly, our coastal economy is the fiscal lifeblood of our state, and it is imperative that our citizens and our economy be protected. Therefore, ensuring prudent allocation of the congressional approved $31billion Ike Dike Project to Galveston and Chambers county is essential. In addition, to securing funding from the Texas Coastal Spine Project.