january, 2021

18janAll DayHonoring Dr. Martin Luther Jr.

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Texas City, TX – This weekend marks the annual commemoration of one Of the world’s greatest luminaries, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is an honor to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy from this office as he will forever remember for his ardent nonviolent quest for equality. Dr. King’s notable mission resulted in landmark civil rights legislation, laying tl•r foundation for all citizens’ civil rights. Contemporarily, much Of Dr. King’s visions have come to fruition, and his teachings continue to serve as a reference in advocating for equitable policies.

Furthermore, some of the unheralded heroes of the civil rights movement reside here in our city and the district I’m privileged to Thus, I am immensely grateful for these pioneers’ sacrifices and commitment to civil rights Undoubtedly because Of these heroes, I and a countless many can believe in the promises of the American dream.

Keith G. Henry
Commissioner, District 1



All Day (Monday)

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