We must invest in the future of our youth

Recently, while visiting family on the mainland, I promised my 16-year-old cousin that I would play him in a game of basketball to solidify my title as the families’ greatest athlete, albeit self-proclaimed. It may have been a foolish feat for me, as my budding teenage relative is 6 feet, 2 inches and growing. Further, […]

Houston man claims he was denied a job because of his race

Keith Henry told KHOU 11 News he plans on filing a lawsuit against the City of Hoschton, Ga., claiming its mayor didn’t hire him because he is black. HOSCHTON, Ga. — A Houston man says he was not considered for a job because of his race. Keith Henry told KHOU 11 News he plans on […]

Policy Positions

Please see links for Downloads Avoiding Harvey – How Greater Houston Can Protect Its Infrastructure from Imminent Natural Disasters Mass incarceration and its adverse impact on imprisoned constituents with HIV/AIDS Women in Government Leadership Community Policing Ban the Box Youth and Workforce Development Literacy in Children

Gentrification and its inauspicious impact on Affordable Housing Policies in Metropolitan Governance

Gentrification and its inauspicious impact on Affordable Housing Policies in Metropolitan Governance: New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Abstract Throughout the continental United States, Housing affordability in urban markets has become a battle between robust urban development and equitable housing policies. On balance, municipal governments have struggled to keep pace with considerable housing demands due […]

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Fear is the true enemy, the only enemy. We could cause a diplomatic crisis. Take the ship into the Neutral Zone, you enjoyed that. When has justice ever been as simple as a rule book? Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. It’s jazz. Now, how do we defeat an enemy that knows us better than we know ourselves

Black Lives Matter

Progress moves us forward without marginalizing efforts to disrupt our responsibility toward a potential future. Lifting people up and recognizing free-speech without compromising the fight against oppression of our potential challenges. This will inspire breakthroughs and contribute to solutions which can save families and promote social innovation for our collective livelihoods